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I wrote a trip report from Stark Raven Mad 96.
The Raven Crew performs "A Day at Holiday World".  From SRM 1997Not even an incoming train can stop them. From SRM 1997The pizza was delicious, as was the fudge. From SRM 1997The "Lights" turn.  From SRM 1997An "off-limits" turn from inside the Lake Rudolph turn. From SRM 1997The "Lights" turn.  From SRM 1997Raven's 1st drop. From SRM 1997The photo walkthrough was very popular. From SRM 1997Leaving the station. From SRM 1997Station full of happy coaster enthusiasts. From SRM 1997Lake Rudolph turn.  From SRM 1997From SRM 1997Another double ride sails through the station. From SRM 1997Great chicane. From SRM 1997From SRM 19971st drop onThe Raven